The Budget In Obama’s Words

$14,310,978,777,638 ~U.S. NATIONAL DEBT AND COUNTING

“For society as a whole, nothing comes as a ‘right’ to which we are ‘entitled’. Even bare subsistence has to be produced..The only way anyone can have a right to something that has to be produced is to force someone else to produce it..The more things are provided as rights, the less the recipients have to work and the more the providers have to carry the load.” ~Thomas Sowell

“A politician cannot spend one dime on any spending project without first taking that dime from the person who earned it. So, when a politician votes for a spending bill he is saying he believes the government should spend that particular dollar rather than the individual who worked for it.” ~Neal Boortz

“There is no such thing as government money~only taxpayer money.” ~William Weld

“In questions of power let us hear no more of trust in men, but bind them down in mischief with the chains of the Constitution.” ~Thomas Jefferson

According to the U.S. Constitution, government exists for just two purposes: (1) to provide its citizens with the freedom to live their lives as they so choose and (2) to protect us from those, both foreign and domestic, who would try to take away that freedom. Once government steps outside of those two purposes, it is itself taking away that freedom. The definition of freedom is the absence of coercion or constraint in choice or action.

“We won’t be able to bring down this deficit overnight, given that the recovery is still taking hold and families across the country still need help..Just as it would be a terrible mistake to borrow against our children’s future to pay our way today, it would be equally wrong to neglect their future by failing to invest in areas that will determine our economic success in this new century.” ~President Barack Obama 2010

I see four things wrong in this short paragraph. (1) The  budget could easily be fixed overnight. Cut unnecessary programs and be done with it. (2) Families across the country need jobs, not government help. (3) If it’s a terrible mistake to borrow against our children’s future, why are you doing it? (4) Failing to “invest” could be worded differently: Failing to extort enough taxpayer money to cover your debt. We need manufacturing plants. We need to go back to the days of MADE IN THE USA. Making disadvantaged citizens more dependent on the government is taking money away from hard-working taxpayers to pay for lifestyles. Granted, many disadvantaged do need help, as many are unable to work. But what about the thousands of lazy, drug-addicted people on welfare, SSI, and other public assistance, who are knowingly taking advantage of government hand-outs? What about thousands of illegals who have babies just to get welfare payments? Yes, we need to take a hard look at these. Go to a homeless shelter. Although there are many who are legitimately there due to very unfortunate circumstances, you’ll find crack addicts as well. They get SSI for fake conditions, live freely at the shelters with free medical care, room & board, & many other services, free. Did I forget to mention they receive food stamps? Oh, they’re fed three times a day, plus snacks, at the shelter, but they get food stamps too? They take their SSI money, buy and sell crack, and when they run out, they beat up other homeless people to get more. Maybe one thing that could be done is to send in undercover people to cut down on massive welfare fraud. There was even one couple who were trying to get people on Medicare to buy power wheelchairs..even though they didn’t need one. Who pays for this? Keep Social Security and Medicare for those who truly do need it, and look into real ways to cut down on fraud.

I hear the word “investment” quite frequently, and I wonder what that means. Does it mean that the money asked for will improve our future? Or is it money that will attempt to cover only existing debt? Just where is our taxpayer money going? Is it creating jobs? Is it paying off our debt? Is it for more government projects that just don’t work? How much of it goes to special interests in the hopes of future votes? Let’s attempt to answer some of these questions.

Economic Report of the President

Let’s dissect Obama’s report as I scroll down it.

Obama says: “I signed into law a measure to prevent taxes from rising on middle-class families and to create new incentives for businesses to create jobs.”

What he meant: “I signed into law a measure to raise taxes on the rich and to create new obstacles for businesses to create jobs.”

Obama says: “This bipartisan compromise..also extended unemployment insurance, preventing 7 million Americans from losing their benefits as they look for new work.”

What he meant: “My plan is to continue paying endless unemployment insurance, allowing 7 million Americans to keep their benefits as they don’t look for work that isn’t even there.”

Obama says: “..and gave businesses two powerful incentives to invest and create jobs. These were 100 percent expensing of investment expenditures and an extension of the research and experimentation tax credit.”

What is this? “100 % expensing of investment expenditures?” Exactly what are we investing in, and where are we investing it at? And what is “an extension of the research and ‘experimentation’ tax credit?” Research and experimentation? Are you listening? Do you hear his own words? This is at the very beginning of his Economic Report. Research and experimentation on what? Or whom?

Obama says: “I proposed an up-front investment in building new roads, rails, and runways to upgrade our infrastructure and create new jobs.”

What he meant: “I proposed that your taxpayer dollars go to my Union bosses so that their workers, from whom they extort exorbitant dues, can have their jobs and keep quiet about my policies.”

Obama says: “In addition, my Administration has moved aggressively to open markets abroad and boost exports of American goods and services.”

What he meant: “My Administration and I have moved aggressively to make nice with the Muslim Brotherhood in many countries and export whatever American goods and services we see fit.” 

Obama says: “The first step in winning the future is encouraging American innovation..this is what helped make possible breakthroughs like computer chips and GPS.”

What he meant: “I’m keen on keeping track of you through your computer, your body, your cell phones, your banks, and your car.”

Obama says: “We’ll invest in biomedical research, information technology, and especially clean energy technology.”

What he meant: “We’ll invest in more ways to invade your privacy, and George Soros is especially interested in clean energy technology.”

Obama says: “So we’ve ended the taxpayer subsidies that went to banks to act as a middleman in the student loan process, and used the savings to make college affordable for millions of students. And this year we will work to make permanent our tuition tax credit-worth $10,000 for four years of college.”

What he meant: “We’ve taken the banks out of managing your student loans and we want the money to come to us, reusing your taxpayer dollars to make college affordable for more students to owe us in the future.”

Obama says: “The third step in winning the future is rebuilding America. To attract new businesses to our shores, we need the fastest, most reliable way to move people, goods, and information~from high-speed rail to high-speed internet. That is why, over the last two years, we have begun rebuilding for the 21st century, a project that has meant thousands of good jobs for the hard-hit construction industry.”

What he meant: “We need more construction and labor jobs so my Union bosses will get off my back about their workers. We also need more refugees here to contribute to my government plan, pay taxes, and vote for me, because there aren’t many Americans here any more who will.”

The Annual Report of the Council of Economic Advisors

Austin Goolsbee~Chairman     Cecilia Elena Rouse~Member

“In particular, from 2001 to 2005, the two overwhelming drivers of growth were increased consumer spending and investment in residential real estate. Each was unsustainable. Consumption spending grew faster than income, and the personal saving rate fell dangerously close to zero. The bursting of the housing bubble LEFT MILLIONS OF VACANT HOMES and lowered home prices such that investment in the housing sector is still struggling to recover.”

“Housing prices have stabilized, but construction activity and most aspects of the housing market remain weak, about one-quarter of mortgages are under water, and the foreclosure rate remains high.”

Um, pardon me, but if there are millions of vacant homes, why are you pushing for more construction? Why such emphasis on this? What is being built? If it’s manufacturing plants where we can start making MADE IN THE USA again, I’m all for it. But if it’s more houses, or even detention centers, nope. Not going for it.

Exports are good, your health plan is an agenda, and Soros controls the energy part of that agenda. I hope your small business plan is truly helping small businesses in their pursuit of their goals.

“In August 2010, in response to the continuing job losses in state and local government, the President signed the Education Jobs and Medicaid Assistance Act, which provided $10 billion to states to prevent layoffs of teachers.”

We know the issues with the Unions, the workers, teachers, firefighters, police, and so forth. While I am in full support of these more than vital services, I think government has gotten too big here. Tenure and pension are priveleges that have been enjoyed by many, but we simply cannot sustain them any more in their current form. Tenure needs to go. In the private sector, if your job performance is below standard, you’re let go. It should be the same across the board. Let’s not forget that it is the taxpayers who pay the teachers’ salaries, and when the teacher, or whomever, is paid more money than the taxpayer, where does this leave the taxpayer? The truth? Being asked to pay even more taxes. While we’re on the subject of Unions, every single worker in our nation should have the undisputed right to choose whether or not to join a Union. Period. Strong-arm tactics aren’t welcome in today’s society, and the more we can work towards creating meaningful jobs for workers, the better if will be for our country. Take the steel mills, the construction, the auto industries and turn them into manufacturing plants that make things that help people in a real way. You want exports? If you can cut down on the greed that eats away at you, why not have construction workers build manufactured low-income trailers and ship them overseas to needy areas? Construction workers and others would have work, third world countries could have a roof over their heads, and you would be doing something good.

Light bulbs. Big government again. You do not have the right to tell us what kind of light bulbs to use. Research. While I value the medical discoveries and cures that research has provided, government crosses the line with stem cell and embryonic research, among the many other “experiments” done in the name of science.

“The issue of global imbalances is a problem not just for the United States but for all nations. A single country’s saving behavior can affect saving and investment around the globe. A large deficit, for example, can take up too much world savings and crowd out borrowing in other countries. Conversely, a current account surplus means a country is not contributing as much to world demand as it is to world supply and may be lowering world interest rates and encouraging deficits in other countries.”

Clearly this is America and China. Problem? They have more money. Solution? MADE IN THE USA  Simple. Manufacturing. How often do we see Made In China? Do we see MADE IN THE USA in China? Not sure, but it can’t be much. LET’S MAKE GOODS TO EXPORT TO OTHER COUNTRIES TO AID THEM IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THEIR COUNTRIES. Things that will make their lands good, and fruitful, and educational. Board games. How often have the Libyan revolutionaries played Clue? Medical supplies. Educational supplies to teach their children to grow in the 21st century. Seeds for planting, and farm equipment. The list of (good) things could go on, but you get my point. I mean, think about it. If they want to sell their oil, which they’ve offered to do, let’s just simply trade them goods for oil. See? Fixed, and nations can grow rather than destroy.

The personal consumption expenditures excluding food and energy interests me. Actually, it saddens me and it disgusts me. In 1962 the number was 272.9. In 2010 it was 9,099.2.  The personal consumption expenditures in 1962 were 363.3. In 2010 it was 10, 525.2. What are personal expenditures, especially those excluding food and energy? Are people that greedy? Is this cars, clothes, jewelry, vacations, planes, yachts, etc.? My God. No wonder nations look at us as they do. They are starving and we are gluttonous pigs. Sorry, but if that’s what this part of this means, then we have some very selfish people and I’m ashamed.

I have no problem with the national security aspect of our budget. We have to do what it takes to secure our borders. As a matter of fact, I have one very simple solution to two of our main problems at our Mexican border. First, let’s take all willing non-violent convicts and let them build border fences. You wouldn’t have to pay them, because they’re paying their dues, and it would be their choice if they wanted to help or not. The payment is a job well done and a break from prison life. The second is a little bit more tricky, but it could be done and to me it makes sense. Cartels. They have not only ruined Mexico, and we know exactly what they are doing, they have brought their violence here to America. I say we recruit all illegals here, and legals, both in and out of custody, to eliminate the cartels in one fell swoop. First and foremost, they would have to be loyal to Mexico, to rebuilding their country, not to any cartel. Take them to Coronado Island where Mexican soldiers are trained and prepare them to infiltrate the cartels and take them out. While they’re being trained, I’m sure the United States and Mexican authorities could work together to carefully gather enough intelligence to complete this mission. You might not get them all, but if done correctly, it would sure put a good dent in their operations and bloodbaths. So, with the new (high) fences built and cartels diminished, Mexico should be able to rebuild herself quite nicely. I loved it there. The cartels need to be stopped. Oh, by the way, just legalize marijuana and get it over with. Genesis 1:11 tells us Christians that God gave us herbs and plants, and it is only because of Caesar’s law that many feel conflicted. Legalize it for medical marijuana purposes, and there goes a lot of your Medicare and Medicaid costs. If it was more widely available, many, many people would not be taking all the medications they take to be pain free and pharmaceutical companies would hopefully look more carefully at the safety of their products. 

Speaking of which, I see many non-emergency calls in my neighborhood, mostly homeless folks asleep or passed out, but every time they come there is one ambulance and anywhere between 1-3 firetrucks. I love my emergency personnel, but why are firetrucks responding to non-emergency ambulance calls? And if it’s the disadvantaged, who is paying for these costs? Yes, they need medical attention and please keep responding, but this many personnel? Please take a look into that, because that’s got to cost a lot of money and it happens three, four times a day here on average, and I can only see a small part of my neighborhood.

Okay, I’m done now. Skipped over the math stuff because it all boils down to one thing: Why were we spending $100,ooo,ooo on Boll Weevil Eradication in 2005? Lol. This blog here was supposed to tackle real cuts, but as of now I haven’t found an updated list like the one I had. Quit spending money our grandchildren don’t even have. Drill, baby, drill. Why are we spending 3 billion dollars, was it, in Brazil for them to drill oil just so we can buy it right back from them? What is the real problem with drilling here? Could it be Soros? No idea, but what the Obama Administration is doing makes no sense whatsoever. Cut foreign aid to dictators. Cut foreign aid except to those who truly need it, and never to dictators. How can we be financing their plot to kill us when we don’t even have the money to send them? How can we claim democracy when we finance the dictators who are killing their people? No wonder we’re reviled in many areas. We’re the ones who make it possible for cruel tyrants to hold their people down. We need America back. Today. Family businesses thriving. Free enterprise being encouraged instead of punished. Taxing the rich? Following this logic, is it okay for me to go take my neighbor’s paycheck because he makes more than me? No, it isn’t. Just as it isn’t right for big government to punish successful people just to pay for their own inability to quit spending.


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